Rockley Cruising Club

In the mid to late 70’s several boats had found moorings off Rockley Point in Poole Harbour. During the winter of 1978/9, two couples decided it would be a good idea to form a club. So, in October 1979 the inaugural meeting was held and Gary Rowitt was elected Commodore, with Sharley Simmonds as Vice Commodore and, Carol Rowitt as Secretary.
Three of the four who thought of forming a club filled the major posts in the new club. George Taylor, then deputy editor of Practical Boat Owner was a mooring holder and joined RCC, and along with Denny Desoutter (then Editor PBO) gave practical advice and actively encouraged the new club. From the very beginning, it was felt that RCC should be properly constituted and take a full and active part in all proceedings in Poole Harbour.
RCC joined Poole Yachting Association – providing information on what is happening in Poole Harbour, from regular meetings with the Harbour Master and Poole Harbour Commissioners. Members also having access to the Harbour “Racing Circuit”, and became affiliated to The Royal Yachting Association, yachting’s National body.
Dave Simmonds one of the original four, designed the club burgee and gained permission to reproduce the shield of the Poole Coat Of Arms. We believe unique within the clubs of Poole Harbour.
RCC is still very active, with many members at Davis’s Boat Yard, the river Frome, and in Poole Harbour itself. With many events planned both on and off the water, why not join us?