August 2018 News

Remaining Programme for 2018




Aug 4/5th

BBQ at South Beach, Studland.

Meet at South Beach, Studland, during the afternoon – find the Club Flag on a pole – for the BBQ at 17.00hrs.

Jean & Alan

Sept 15/16th

Club Sail to Portland/Weymouth.

Meet at the RoRo at 06.45hrs. to rendezvous with others from the harbour. On Sunday, depart Portland at 12.00hrs.

Gary & Carol

Chinaman of Polruan’

on Ch 8 or 16.

Saturday October 13th Rockley Cruising Club 40th Anniversary Event

An afternoon get-together followed by an evening meal, in Poole.

Sat. Nov 17th

Rockley Cruising Club AGM & Skittles Evening

Saturday 17th November

The Claypipe Inn’ at Holten Heath.

Meet for a game of skittles at 18.00pm. Food will be at 19.00 with the AGM at 20.00. Followed by more skittles before home time.

Alan & Lesley

Sat. Dec 8th

Christmas Lunch at The Bear Cross

Pat & Peter

Club News

RCC 40th Anniversary Celebrations. Don’t forget to reply by the 14th August if you intend to come!

News from The Harbour.

PYA, the RYA and MCZ’s (Marine Conservation Zones). PYA contacted the RYA seeking their position on the proposed Marine Conservation Zone for Studland Bay. The RYA have said that they fully support recreational boaters for continued access to Studland as an anchorage and as a refuge for boats on passage in unexpected foul weather. They are keen to establish a scientific basis to allow continued use as an anchorage – without significant damage to the environment – and its importance to the local business cases to allow this. The RYA are not ‘sold’ on the idea of environmental anchors’ on current knowledge and are keen to establish facts on their use and will press for this in a study before any decision is made.

The letter from the RYA to PYA says: –

Regarding Studland, obviously this is an emotive subject and the RYA will do it’s best to represent the interests of all recreational boaters, in responding to the consultation. Although we have not finalised our response (pre the cut off consultation date of 20th July), we are likely to dispute the need for any anchoring restrictions, based on the quality of evidence linking anchoring and the long-term impacts to seagrass, the socio-economic impact of restrictions and the vital importance of safe anchorages. Further to this, the RYA has been working in partnership with conservation bodies to deliver best practice anchoring in Studland Bay; we are in favour of informal approaches, in place of legislation.

Our position on eco-moorings will likely support the long-term research and eventual roll out of eco-moorings that meet the needs of boaters, but we will establish that this not currently the case.’

Conservationists are keen to prevent boating activity regardless of scientific evidence.

Your voice is represented on this important matter – for us in Poole – through PYA and the RYA.