December 2018

Remaining Programme




Saturday. December 8th

The Bear Cross has been booked for our Christmas Lunch. Club.

Pat & Peter

Saturday. January 19th 2019

The Planning Meeting for 2019. A lunchtime meeting at a venue to be advised. Full details in the January NL, but in the meantime, please think what Club events YOU would like to see.

Club News. 14 members enjoyed a game of skittles and supper at The Clay Pipe Inn as well as attending the AGM during the evening. The meeting agreed that the Annual Sub. should remain at £25 – this would become due in January.

News from the Harbour

For those who moor in Holes Bay, the Twin Sails Bridge is out of action and appears likely to remain so for a period, so much so, that a LNtM has been issued giving the revised times of opening of Poole Bridge from Nov 26th. These can be found on the phc web-site and is number LNtM 37/2018. Fewer opening times!

News from Further Afield.

Entanglements. A local study of rope entanglements has shown that these are most prevalent at low water. This suppose is obvious, as the float is set with the rope reasonably tight at high water, thus at low water there is excess rope. The advice is to give all floats a wide berth, preferably down tide/wind.

You will all have heard I expect, that Red Funnel Ferries have collided with moored yachts on two occasions in foggy conditions recently in Cowes, sinking at least one of them. Ships of more than 48m are now not allowed to navigate in the Cowes Inner Fairway or the Medina River when visibility is less than ~200M. Other vessels are advised not to depart in this poor visibility. Go to ‘’ LNtM No 30/2018 for full details. (Compare this with Poole LNtM on movements in restricted visibility LNtM No 14/2015).

If you sail your boat into the Schengen Area (basically the EU without the UK and Ireland) and want to fly back to the UK, you will have to explain why your passport wasn’t stamped on entry.

The Marine Plan for the S/SW. Options have apparently been identified, revised and a list of policies to address the issues. Workshops have been held throughout the region. The plan for Area 6 – from the Dart estuary to Folkstone – is being developed. The 3rd interaction is expected to follow soon.