January 2019

A ‘Happy New Year’ with good sailing in 2019.

The Planning Meeting

Meet at 12.30 for lunch at 13.00 at The Red Lion, Sturminster Marshall, BH21 4BU on Saturday January 19th, 2019.

News from the Harbour

For those who moor in Holes Bay, the latest news on the Twin Sail Bridge suggest it may take some time before it is resolved and repaired and back in operation. Meanwhile, the residents of Hamworthty are not happy. An old act means that the waterway MUST remain open – and the TSB closed. The latest info is that a part is required and the firm who manufactured it, is in liquidation!! Information from the middle of December, suggested the twin sail bridge was stuck in the ‘down position’ and not available to road traffic but boats that could safely pass under, could. Latest from the Bridge Operating Board is that if the ‘pin mechanism can be removed; the bridge may be operated under a single cylinder’ but no LNtM yet. It is hoped to have it repaired by the end of January.

News from the RYA.

Red diesel. The RYA has met with HMRC to discuss the implications of the European Court ruling. All UK leisure boating bodies are concerned at the practical implications and ensuring availability of having to use white diesel. The RYA is trying to find a practical and cost-effective solution. It has until Dec 22nd to respond to the Commission.

Brexit – still no wiser!