May 2019

Date Event OOD
Saturday May 18th  Harbour Sail.

Meet at the RoRo at 11.00 for a sail of the harbour for 2hrs.

Peter Pat



June 8th/9th

Sail to Christchurch

Leave Poole entrance at 11.00.

On Sunday. HW Christchurch is at ~14.45, so we can leave after lunch.

Alan P


Saturday July 13th Sail to Swanage

Depart 10.45 from the RoRo.



Saturday 27th July Club BBQ at Davis’s Boatyard.

Late afternoon/evening event.

BBQ will be provided; all you need is to come and bring your food/drink

Jean R


Saturday Aug 24th to Monday August 26th Sail to The Solent

Depart Poole entrance at 10.30 and have a fair tide all the way to The Medina. On Monday. Leave the Medina entrance at about 08.15.

Volunteer required
September 7th Harbour Sail.

Meet at the RoRo at 12.00.

John F


Saturday 12th October Club Visit to Monkey World and Tank Museum

Meeting times etc to be agreed

Saturday 16th November AGM

Details to be agreed

Saturday December 14th Christmas Lunch

Details to be agreed




News from the Harbour. For those who moor in Holes Bay, a new bridge opening schedule has been issued, starting on April 23rd. Local Notice to Mariners for Poole No 13/2019 – find on It looks as though they are saving on the ‘wear and rear’ of the Twin Sail Bridge by only opening it ONCE each sequence. Poole Bridge will always open FIRST for incoming boats. The Twin Sail Bridge will then open, for both incoming and outgoing craft, the Poole Bridge will then open again for outgoing and incoming (to the pool only) boats. Timing’s on weekdays will be – hourly with no lifts at 08.30, 11.30. 13.30, 15.30, 17.30, 19.30 and 21.30. On weekends and bank holidays, lifts will be hourly at half past the hour from 05.30 to 23.30.

The Asst HM tells me that inbound large vessels may be on the wrong side of the channel when passing No 10 buoy until they are clear of Chapmans Peak.

The Arne Moors Project and Redclyffe Yacht Club. In the April NL, I mentioned briefly, the possibility of flooding Arne Moors and its possible effects on silting in the river Frome, being discussed at PYA. Objections to this are gathering pace and to help understand what is proposed, I attach a letter from the Commodore of RYC giving the latest information.


News from Further Afield. There is a Solent Protection Society that aims to ‘safeguard the natural beauty and amenities of the Solent Area, particularly its harbours’. This covers an area from the Needles to Selsey Bill. If you would like more information, try looking at ‘’.

Visitors to Lymington Commissioners moorings, have access to discount offers from the Yacht Clubs (Food and the bar), the museum and gallery. Ask when paying.


Brexit. Message from the RYA – ‘Keep Calm and Carry on Cruising’. Article 50 will run until Oct 31st, so this year’s foreign cruising isn’t affected anyway. However, with the political volatility, sudden change cannot be ruled out. Earlier this month The RYA suggest hinted that, in the case of a ‘no deal’ Brexit, if you are out of the country, you could be classed as ‘Union Status’. The RYA are continuing to see that the recreational boating sector is being heard by the Government.



To the Commodores of all Yacht Clubs within the PYA and surrounds



Arne Moors Project


There is a proposal to flood an area in Poole Harbour, Dorset, called The Arne Moors, this area is approximately 150 hectares in size, stretching from Ridge Wharf Yacht Centre on the River Frome down to the Wareham Channel.  The Project is being co-ordinated by the Environment Agency, together with the RSPB and Natural England.


The reason for this Project apparently, is to create a wildlife habitat for wading birds as a consequence of “coastal squeeze” in Poole Harbour, by breaching the existing protecting bank in three areas on the River Frome and Wareham Channel.  This proposal is causing consternation and concern for people who live locally, and there is a local action group both monitoring and fighting against this proposal.


Our concern at Redclyffe Yacht Club, situated on the River Frome, is that if this Project goes ahead, presently the project team cannot give me a 100% assurance that the end result will not cause silting of the River and the Wareham Channel, (computer modelling in this respect continues).  If silting occurs due to suspended matter running off the Moors into the Frome and Wareham Channel, it would not take a lot of silting to seriously affect navigation on this already shallow area.  Additionally, it is also felt that water flowing onto 150 hectares of the Arne Moors implies that less water is available to flow into the River Frome on the flood tide.


If navigation on the Frome and Wareham Channel is seriously affected this will impinge directly on the viability of our Club, local Businesses associated with Boating and the Town of Wareham.  Wareham receives thousands of visitors annually via the River Frome and Poole Harbour on commercial and private craft, particularly in the summer months and will feel the effect if navigation is seriously diminished.  In addition, many sailors enjoy visiting RYC each year.


I am making local Yacht Clubs, associated Businesses and local Commerce aware of this proposal.  The intention of RYC will be to object to any future planning application on this Project if no siltation is not 100% guaranteed.  It would be very helpful if your Club members would also object.  I will furnish you with objection papers when planning applications are lodged.


Yours sincerely,





Redclyffe Yacht Club
















Appendix 3

Small Craft Emergency in Poole Harbour

Action Plan.

A Small Craft Emergency is classed as ‘An incident which poses a threat to life, or has the likely potential to do so and which requires external assistance’

If you recognise a potential or actual emergency situation in Poole Harbour – or immediate environs – call the Coastguard on Channel 16.

The call is: –

Mayday, Mayday, Mayday. This is (Boat Name – spoken 3 times), Mayday. There is an emergency situation in Poole Harbour requiring immediate assistance. Over.

This call will be heard by the Coastguard and Poole Harbour Control Office. The Harbour Control Officer (HCO, listens on Channel 14 (The Poole Harbour Channel) and Channel 16.

You will now be in direct contact with the Coastguard who will ask you for all the appropriate information. The Coastguard will assume control. Be prepared to give your accurate position – Lat/Long – if possible.

The HCO will stand by and give any assistance required by the Coastguard. The coordination of all Emergency Agencies by the Coastguard will remain on Channel 16 until communications can be safely moved to another public channel. All parties can then be advised as necessary. The Coastguard will call for ‘radio silence’ – except you!

Casualty repatriation will be to one of the agreed points. The Emergency Service will require the postcode.

To: –

Jetty at North Haven Point (minor junction just off Ferry Road) BH13 7QN

Royal Motor Yacht Club, 54 Panorama Road BH13 7RE

Parkstone Yacht Club, Pearce Avenue      BH14 8EH

Poole Yacht Club, New Harbour Road       BH15 4AQ

Poole Lifeboat Station (Poole Bridge), The Quay BH15 1HA      















Appendix 4

Yacht Racing Criteria – a Digest for Cruising Yachts.

The guidance for running sailboat racing in the harbour and the behaviour of yachts racing is governed by guidance agreed between PYA and PHC titled ‘Yacht Racing Criteria’. Most of this document is taken with advice on the interaction between the Harbour Control and the Race Officer running the races. However, much of the guidance for racing yacht skippers, applies equally to skippers of cruising yachts.

  • Cruising Boat skippers MUST comply with all IRPCS Rules and Poole Harbour Bye Laws.
  • Yacht skippers are responsible for the safety of their vessel and crew.
  • Skippers should be aware of commercial craft movements by monitoring Channel 14. Commercial craft report their movements when: –
    • Underway from their berth
    • Outbound at Stakes buoy
    • Outbound at Aunt Betty
    • Outbound at the Poole Bar Buoy.
    • Inbound when ~15 mins from the Poole Bar Buoy
    • Inbound at the Poole Bar Buoy
    • Inbound at Channel Buoy No 8
    • Inbound at Aunt Betty
    • Inbound at Stakes
    • All secure at her berth
  • Skippers should have an up-to date weather forecast and be aware of tide conditions.
  • Skippers should keep at good lookout at all times – 360o. This may mean taking down your jib at the Harbour entrance for a better view.
  • Commercial craft may be limited in the draft to a narrow channel, so craft under 20m must (Rule 9):-
    • Keep to the outer limit of the channel on the Starboard Side (Use the Small Boat Channel)
    • Do not impede the passage of a large commercial vessel, especially do not cross in front.
    • Do not pass between an escort vessel and the commercial craft.
  • Keep clear of commercial vessels in the Middle Ship and Swash Channels or manoeuvring in the Turning Basin.
  • If a ‘Controlled Vessel Movement’ is broadcast on VHF Ch 14, you must give clearance of 50m either side and 500m in front of the commercial vessel.
  • At times of restricted visibility (fog routine), the advice is to stay on your berth, or, if already underway, stay in the Small Boat Channel and monitor

Ch 14