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Saturday October 13th Rockley Cruising Club 40th Anniversary Event

Saturday 17th November

Rockley Cruising Club AGM

Alan & Lesley

Saturday 8th December

The Bear Cross. Pub For Our Christmas Lunch.

Pat & Peter

Club News.

For those of us hoping for a few days in Yarmouth in 2019 enjoying Old Gaffers, it seems that the event has been cancelled – too expensive (£100,000) to stage – this event may be lost forever. Start thinking of an alternative for next year! This year, the Spring Bank Holiday event in The Solent didn’t happen, possibly because we had no rallying point.

News from The Harbour.

For those in Holes Bay, notes from the June meeting of the Bridge Operating Board – just released – say that work to improve the counter balance on Poole Bridge is to take place (To make it faster?). If there is a fault on a bridge lift, the bridge operator has been asked to announce on Ch 12 to those waiting for the lift, when normal operations are expected to resume.

Speed limits within the harbour have been relaxed for the winter in the Wareham Channel, Middle Ship Channel and the North Channel. 6kn still apply in The Little Channel and Holes Bay. 10kn from the Harbour entrance to Bell Buoy and from 1400m seawards from South Haven Point.

News from Further Afield.

The Cruising Association are urging us to make radio checks by calling another boat rather than always asking the Coastguard, as this could take valuable resources away from safety duties. It is considered that a radio check at 1W power with another vessel or shore station at a distance of 8miles, is a better test of antenna and radio performance.

News from the RYA.

The AGM of the RYA is to be held at 11.00 on Friday 16th November at 1 Great George street SW1P 3AA. If you would like to go to represent Rockley CC, please let me know and I will send all the necessary papers.

The Annual Multiagency Casualty review urges us to always wear our lifejacket correctly to save our life. Carrying a vhf radio or EPIRB as well as downloading ‘Safetrax’ on your ‘phone could also give extra safety.

October 2018