September 2018





Saturday Sunday


Club Sail to Portland/Weymouth.

Meet at the RoRo at 06.45hrs. Return to Poole Sunday.

This trip is weather dependant, please keep in contact with the OOD. Plan ‘B’ will be a get-together at a local pub.

Gary & Carol

Chinaman of Polruan’

on Ch 8 or 16.

Saturday October 13th Rockley Cruising Club 40th Anniversary Event.

Our 40th Celebrations will be an afternoon buffet at Poole Yacht Club. The ‘Starlight’ room has been booked for 14.00 hrs. Buffet at 16.00 hrs. A ‘birthday cake’ will be cut at 16.30 hrs.


Saturday 17


& A.G.M.

The Claypipe Inn’ Holten Heath, BH16 6JY

Rockley Cruising Club AGM

Meet at 17.45 hrs

Alan & Lesley

December Saturday 8

Christmas Lunch at the Bear Cross Pub

Pat & Peter

Club News. A late switch of venue from Studland to Davis’s for the BBQ on a warm sunny evening, was enjoyed by 18 members. Thank you, Jean, for organising and Tony for the music. See Photo’s on the web-site.

News from Further Affield.

Beer Head radio is now on Channel 62 – not 64.

News from the RYA.

The RYA is keeping up pressure on the Government, trying to ensure the needs of recreational boater’s feature in Brexit negotiations. To ensure: –

  • Not unreasonable customs costs, no additional disruption and red tape

  • Reasonable border control in/out of the EU

Important questions still unanswered are

  • Union Goods’ status

  • VAT in/out for boats

  • Proposed migration policy

The RYA aim to allow recreational boaters to enjoy their freedom

The RYA has developed a simple on-line reporting form for ‘entanglements’. Many ‘amateur’ lobster/crab pots are poorly marked – entanglements happen! The on-line form has been produced to help gather data and can be found on ‘’ (Fishing Gear Incident Report form)

A consultation for a Code of Practice for Pleasure Vessels covered by the IPV Code has been launched between Aug 1st and Sept 26th. After wading through the 32 pages, I think this mainly concerns vessels such as ‘Brownsea Princess’ and perhaps Club Rescue/Service Boats, but it does contain a passage on using SOLAS for voyage planning. Go to ‘’ for further information.

Drink/Drive limits when in charge of a boat – apparently there were 45 deaths related to alcohol consumption in the leisure boating industry between 2006 and 2012! Most harbours are thought to have byelaws to cover ‘under-the-influence’, but these are hardly ever used. The British Ports Authority (BPA) want to bring in legislation to limit the alcohol intake to 35micrograms/100ml of breath – the same as commercial skippers. The RYA are minded to go along with this provided ‘it is based on compelling evidence’ and is ‘clear, understandable and enforceable’.